Ethics for the Information Age

Michael J. Quinn

Language: English

Publisher: Pearson

Published: Mar 15, 2017


KEY BENEFIT New technologies have brought us many benefits, but they have also raised many social and ethical concerns. The authors view in Ethics for the Information Age is that we ought to approach every new technology in a thoughtful manner, considering not just its short-term benefits, but also how its long-term use will affect our lives. A thoughtful response to information technology requires a basic understanding of its history, an awareness of current information-technology- related issues, and a familiarity with ethics. In the Seventh Edition, Quinn provides an impartial look at the problems technology both solves and creates. As in previous editions, he presents information in a manner that leads you to arrive at your own conclusions on crucial ethics questions. Weaving in a vital dose of IT history, the new topics keep the book relevant and can function as either a sole reference or a supplemental guide for computer ethics courses. KEY TOPICS Catalysts for Change; Introduction to Ethics; Networked Communications; Intellectual Property; Information Privacy; Privacy and the Government; Computer and Network Security; Computer Reliability; Professional Ethics; Work and Wealth MARKET For anyone interested in Computer Ethics.